Australian Defence League

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Australian Defence League
SuccessorPatriots Defence League Australia
FounderRalph Cerminara
Founded atSydney
  • Sydney, Australia
Chris Rothwell
President, Western Sydney
Nathan Abela

The Australian Defence League (ADL) is a militant far-right, white nationalist street gang. The group is anti-Islam, and has been involved in making terrorist threats, abusing, stalking and doxxing Muslim Australians. The gang was founded in Sydney in 2009 by convicted criminal Ralph Cerminara.[1]

Cerminera is a recidivist with a significant criminal record, including convictions for assault, high-range drink-driving and breaching apprehended violence orders. In 2019 Cerminera was jailed for at least nine months after being found guilty of assaulting and threatening his neighbors in March 2018.[2]


The ADL was founded in 2009 a registered not-for-profit organisation. They were founded as an offshoot of the English Defence League.

Stalking, verbal abuse and harassment[edit]

In 2014, the group came to national attention after it was revealed that ADL members and followers had been stalking and photographing Muslim women on public transport, verbally abusing Muslims, displaying anti-Islamic posters outside mosques, and threatening to blow up an Islamic school.[3]

Later in 2014, in what police believe was retaliation for the bomb threat, the home of Nathan Abela, former President of the ADL, was fired upon.[3] Following pressure by people associated with the #illridewithyou campaign, Facebook shut down pages of ADL.[4]

On 22 December 2014, two members of the ADL, including Cerminara, were involved in a brawl outside Sydney's Lakemba mosque, arrested, and charged with affray and behaving in an offensive manner. They were subsequently convicted and jailed for five weeks.[5][6]

Bendigo mosque protests[edit]

Beginning in 2014, The organisation was involved in the Voices of Bendigo and Stop the Mosques Bendigo protests. The group was one of a number of far-right Islamophobic groups, including the Q Society, Reclaim Australia, True Blue Crew and the United Patriots Front, that opposed the construction of a $3 million mosque and Islamic community centre in Bendigo, Victoria.[7][8]

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