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The Australian Independents was a political party in Australia, founded by serial politician Patricia Petersen in 2012. The party was registered with the Australian Electoral Commission on 16 July 2013.[1]

In the 2013 federal election,[2] the Australian Independents ran Senate candidates in every state and territory.[3] The party also ran 6 candidates in the House of Representatives.[4] In Queensland, the party placed 17th out of the 34 parties that ran [5] having received 0.48% of the primary vote. [6] Nationally, the party placed 7th out of the 72 parties that ran, with its senate candidates having received a total of 45,441 first preference votes, 0.34% of the total votes cast.[7] Its House of Representatives candidates received 4,163 first preference votes, 0.03% of votes cast.[8]

The party was deregistered by the AEC on 4 February 2016, after failing to demonstrate the requisite 500 members to maintain registration.[9]