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The Automotive industry in Kenya is primarily involved in the assembly, retail and distribution of motor vehicles. There are a number of motor vehicle dealers operating in the country.[1]

Major retailers[edit]

Major assemblers[edit]

Future assemblers[edit]

Local car companies[edit]

Mobius Motors Logo

Kenya is currently attempting to completely build its own cars. After building its first car in the late 80's (the Nyayo Car), Kenya has a shot at the industry with Mobius Motors, which was founded in 2009.


The established dealers face intense competition from imported second-hand vehicles, mainly from Japan and United Arab Emirates. Another issue is that there is more demand for second-hand vehicles rather than new ones because Kenya is generally a low-income country. Thus, Mobius Motors was established to provide low cost cars at about KES. 523,000 (US$6000).

Timeline of the Kenyan car industry[edit]

Nyayo Pioneer (1990)
  • 1960s - Volkswagen is assembling the Beetle in Kenya[10]
  • 1976 - First Kenyan Assembled car by Kenya Vehicle Manufacturerers
  • 1977 - First Assembled car by Associated Vehicle Assemblers Ltd.
  • 1986 - Nyayo Car, Kenya's first car is built. The car achieves 120 km/h (75 mph)
  • 2009 - Mobius Motors is established by Joel Jackson
  • 2013 - 52.3% of new cars sold in Kenya are assembled in Kenya[11]
  • 2016 - Volkswagen starts assembly of Polo Vivo in Kenya in Cooperation with DT Dobie[12]


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