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Avelino Muñoz (December 20, 1912 – January 24, 1962) was a Panamanian musician and composer.

Early life[edit]

Muñoz was born in Panama to José Muñoz Moyeja and Clotilde Barrios.[1] He grew up in their musical household, where all brothers learned how to play the piano. Avelino became a composer, organist and writer.


His career began in Panama, scoring silent films. In 1938, Avelino made his first record.[2] He curated an ensemble of musicians. Muñoz received inspiration from and inspired others through collaborations with artists such as Armanda Boza[3], Silvia de Gras,[2] and Fernando Fernández Reyes.[4]

Personal life[edit]

He was the father of Puerto Rican writer, sportscaster, actor, and musical promoter Avelino Muñoz Stevenson.[5]


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