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Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures: War At Sea is a standalone miniature wargame, produced by Wizards of the Coast. Axis and Allies Naval Miniatures gameplay is similar to that of its sister game, Axis & Allies Miniatures, but the player takes command of Ships, Submarines, and squadrons of Aircraft.



  • War at Sea Starter Set: Released on March 16, 2007; It includes 9 randomized units, 2 double-sided battle maps, 6 island cards, and 8 six-sided dice.
  • War at Sea Starter (Revised): Released on March 16, 2010; It includes 8 miniatures, 2 double-sided battle maps, 4 six-sided dice and a new rule book.


  • War at Sea:[1] Set of 64 models, released on March 16, 2007. It features ships, submarines and aircraft from the UK, US, France, Australia, Germany, Italy and Japan.
  • Task Force:[2] Set of 60 models, released on July 25, 2008. Added Canadian and Dutch warships.
  • Flank Speed:[3] Set of 40 models, released on September 1, 2009. Introduces Soviet and New Zealander warships.
  • Condition Zebra: Set of 40 models, released on June 8, 2010. Introduces Greek and Finnish warships.
  • Fleet Command (usually known as Set V): Set of 39 models, released on December 7, 2010. Introduces Polish and Swedish warships.
  • Surface Action: Set of 40 models, released on October 24, 2011. Introduces a new Bismarck, LST, HMS Eagle, Taihō,[4] shore batteries, Focke-Wulf Fw 190, and USS Wasp.


War at Sea uses fairly simple rules. The players can get quickly familiarized with the Quick Start Guide and then continue with the Advanced Rules.

The advanced rules have been periodically updated, beginning in July 2007, with the Clarifications Document. The update introduces new concepts (such as ASW harassment and strafing penalties) not present in the original rules. Since at least one unit of the Task Force expansion set directly refers to these new rules, they are implicitly considered as part of the core ruleset, despite only having been published online to date.

There are some companies and blog sites that offer other ideas for Battles, advanced rules and tactics as well.


An official FAQ for the Task Force set can be found online.[1]. It addresses errata such as misprints and ambiguously worded rules for the Task Force expansion. Further errata are contained in the Clarifications Document. Only additional unacknowledged errata are listed here:

  • The correct name of the Dutch submarine is HNLMS Zwaardvisch, not Zvaardvisch.
  • The Focke-Wulf Fw 200 reconnaissance plane was nicknamed "Condor", not "Kondor".
  • In the War at Sea base set and the Flank Speed expansion, the colors of the Italian roundel were inverted. The roundel in Task Force was correct. (This error is partially acknowledged in the Clarifications Document.)
  • In the expansion Flank Speed, the set checklist lists Voroshilov as part of the Soviet forces, but the actual ship included in the set is Kirov. Both are Kirov-class heavy cruisers of the same series and are considered sister ships.
  • The Yamashiro miniature is actually the Fusō. Yamashiro should have the third turret pointing towards the stern. Fusō's third turret points toward the bow.
  • The HMS Repulse miniature is actually that of her modernized sister ship HMS Renown, and not the unmodernized HMS Repulse.
  • Some HMS Glorious miniatures have the island installed backwards.
  • Some USS Houston miniatures have no island installed.

Units (through Surface Action)[edit]

RAAF 1942-1945 Australia

RCAF -1946 Canada

1943-1945 Finland

1909-present France

Luftwaffe 1935-1945 Germany

Roundel of Greece.svg Greece

    • Georgios Averof (Condition Zebra; Cruiser; Rare)
    • Proteus (Condition Zebra; Submarine; Common)
    • Vasilissa Olga (Condition Zebra; Destroyer; Common)

Italy-Royal-Airforce.svg Italy

IJNAS/JASDF 1931-present Japan

    • A6M2 "Zeke" (War at Sea; Fighter; Common)
    • A6M2 Zero Kamikaze (Task Force; Fighter; Common)
    • A6M2-N "Rufe" (Fleet Command; Seaplane Fighter; Common)
    • A6M5 "Zeke" (Flank Speed; Fighter; Common)
    • Atago (Fleet Command; Cruiser; Rare)
    • Agano (Condition Zebra; Cruiser; Uncommon)
    • Akagi (War at Sea; Aircraft Carrier; Rare)
    • Akizuki (Task Force; Destroyer; Common)
    • Aoba (Flank Speed; Cruiser; Rare)
    • B5N2 "Kate" (War at Sea; Torpedo Plane; Common)
    • B5N2 Type 97 (Surface Action; Torpedo Plane; Common)
    • B6N2 "Jill" (Flank Speed; Torpedo Plane; Common)
    • Chikuma (Condition Zebra; Cruiser; Rare)
    • Chitose (Fleet Command; Seaplane Carrier; Uncommon)
    • D3A "Val" (War at Sea; Dive Bomber; Common)
    • D4YI "Judy" (Task Force; Dive Bomber; Common)
    • Daihatsu Landing Craft (Surface Action; Landing Craft; Common)
    • Elite A6M2 Zero (Surface Action;Fighter;Common)
    • Fusō (Condition Zebra; Battleship; Rare)
    • G4M "Betty" (War at Sea; Bomber; Uncommon)
    • G4M1 "Betty" (War at Sea Starter; Patrol Bomber; Uncommon)
    • H8KI Type 2 "Emily" (Task Force; Seaplane; Uncommon)
    • Haruna (Task Force; Battleship; Rare)
    • Haguro (War at Sea Starter; Cruiser; Rare)
    • Hatsukaze (Surface Action; Destroyer; Common)
    • I-19 (War at Sea; Submarine; Uncommon)
    • I-25 (War at Sea Starter; Submarine; Uncommon)
    • I-26 (Task Force; Submarine; Common)
    • Ise (Fleet Command; Battleship; Rare)
    • Isokaze (Task Force; Destroyer; Common)
    • Jintsu (War at Sea; Cruiser; Uncommon)
    • Jun'yō (Condition Zebra; Aircraft Carrier; Rare)
    • Kaga (Fleet Command; Aircraft Carrier; Rare)
    • Kinai Maru (War at Sea; Transport; Uncommon)
    • Kirishima (Fleet Command; Battleship; Rare)
    • Kongō (War at Sea; Battleship; Rare)
    • Matsu (Condition Zebra; Destroyer; Common)
    • Mogami (Surface Action; Cruiser; Rare)
    • Murasame (Condition Zebra; Destroyer; Common)
    • Musashi (Task Force; Battleship; Rare)
    • Myōkō (War at Sea; Cruiser; Rare)
    • N1K1-J "George" (Condition Zebra; Fighter; Common)
    • Nachi (Task Force; Cruiser; Rare)
    • Nagatsuki (Fleet Command; Destroyer; Common)
    • Nagato (Flank Speed; Battleship; Rare)
    • Naka (Surface Action; Cruiser; Uncommon)
    • Ōi (Flank Speed; Cruiser; Uncommon)
    • Ro-50 (Fleet Command; Submarine; Common)
    • Ryūjō (Surface Action; Aircraft Carrier; Rare)
    • Shigure (Flank Speed; Destroyer; Common)
    • Sho-Go Yamato (Surface Action; Battleship; Rare)
    • Shoho (War at Sea; Aircraft Carrier; Uncommon)
    • Shōkaku (War at Sea; Aircraft Carrier; Rare)
    • Soryu (Flank Speed; Aircraft Carrier; Rare)
    • Suzuya (Condition Zebra; Cruiser; Rare)
    • T1 Landing Ship (Flank Speed; Auxiliary; Common)
    • Taihō (Surface Action; Aircraft Carrier; Rare)
    • Teruzuki (War at Sea Starter; Destroyer; Common)
    • Tone (War at Sea; Cruiser; Rare)
    • Type 13 Subchaser (War at Sea; Escort; Common)
    • Yahagi (Task Force; Cruiser; Uncommon)
    • Yamashiro (Task Force; Battleship; Rare)
    • Yamato (War at Sea; Battleship; Rare)
    • Yukikaze (War at Sea; Destroyer; Common)
    • Zuikaku (Task Force; Aircraft Carrier; Rare)

Roundel of the Netherlands.svg Netherlands

1943-1945 New Zealand

1918-1993 Poland

Red star.svg Soviet Union

Roundel of Sweden.svg Kingdom of Sweden

RAF Type A.1 1937-1942 United Kingdom

USN/USAAF 1943-1947 United States

Support Units


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