Bénigne de Bacilly

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Bertrand "Bénigne" de Bacilly (Normandy c. 1625 - Paris, 27 September 1690), was a French composer and music theorist, a reformer of the air de cour according to the theories of Pierre de Nyert.[1][2]

Works, editions and recordings[edit]

  • Collection Les Airs Spirituels editions published in 1672 and 1677, 1668
  • Text Remarques curieuses sur l'art de bien chanter 1688


  • Bertrand de Bacilly ou l'art d'orner le "beau chant" Ensemble A deux voiles esgales. Saphir 2011
  • De Bacilly - Claudine Ansermet, Paolo Cherici. Symphonia 2006
  • Airs de Cour - René Jacobs. Harmonia Mundi 1999

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  1. ^ Catherine Gordon-Seifert Music and the Language of Love: Seventeenth-Century French Airs
  2. ^ The principal agréments of the seventeenth and eighteenth ... Putnam Aldrich - 1942"This reform, initiated by Pierre de Nyert after his return from Rome, was effected chiefly through the efforts of his disciples Michel Lambert and Benigne de Bacilly. Lambert was the composer and performer of the new movement "