Bago Medaw

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Bago Medaw also known as the Buffalo Mother or Lady Buffalo

Bago Medaw (Burmese: ပဲခူးမယ်တော်, IPA: [bəɡó mɛ̀dɔ̀] or နံကရိုင်းမယ်တော်, IPA: [nàɴkəɹáiɴ mɛ̀dɔ̀]; also known as the Buffalo Mother or Lady Buffalo) is a Burmese nat commonly venerated in the vicinity of Bago, although worship is seen throughout Lower Burma.[1] Bago Medaw is depicted as a maiden wearing a water buffalo skull, representing a female buffalo named Nankaraing, that nursed the traditional founders of Hanthawaddy (now Bago), two brothers named Thamala and Wimala.[2][3] She was subsequently killed by them.[4] She is believed to protect the family and home, and grants wishes to those she favors.[4]

She is believed to be a goddess of the Mon people, representing the Mon cultural identity and the history of Bago, which was once the Mon capital of Hanthawadi.[5][6]


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