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Directed byNaval Gandhi
Produced byOrient Pictures Corporation
Written byRabindranath Tagore
Jamshed Ratnagar (screenplay)
Based onBisarjan (play)
StarringMaster Vithal
Sulochana (Ruby Myers)
CinematographyNaval Bhatt
Orient Pictures Corporation
Release date

Balidan also called Sacrifice, is a 1927 Indian cinema's silent film directed by Naval Gandhi and based on a play by Rabindranath Tagore.[1] It was produced by Orient Pictures Corporation.[2] Balidan is cited as one of the top ten lost films of Indian Cinema by P. K. Nair.[3] Hailed as "an excellent and truly Indian film" by The Indian Cinematograph Committee, 1927–28,[4] it was used by them as one of the films to "show how 'serious' Indian cinema could match Western standards".[5]

The film starred the then popular cast of Master Vithal, Sulochana (Ruby Myers), Zubeida, Sultana, Jal Khambata and Jani Babu.[6]

A social-reformist costume drama film, written by Tagore in 1887,[5] it was set in the fictional kingdom of Tippera, and involved clashes between a progressive-minded King and a "tradition-bound priest".[1] The film was stated to be commercially successful.[4]



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