Bandai Namco Arts

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Native name
Kabushiki gaisha Bandai Namuko Artsu
IndustryJapanese music
Anime production
animation and distribution
Film production and distribution
Software & programming
PredecessorBandai Visual
FoundedAugust 23, 1983 [1][2]
HeadquartersShibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Key people
Kawasaki Kazumi (Representative Director and President)
Number of employees
ParentBandai Namco Holdings
Highway Star
Bandai Namco Live Creative

BANDAI NAMCO Arts Inc. (株式会社バンダイナムコアーツ, Kabushiki gaisha Bandai Namuko Artsu) is a Japanese company formed by the merger of Bandai Visual and its subsidiary Lantis by its owner Bandai Namco Holdings in February 2018. The company is responsible for the same area of its predecessors, which those being anime production and distribution and music production and distribution.[3]


In February 2018, Bandai Namco Holdings announced that Lantis and its parent company Bandai Visual would merge to turn into a company called Bandai Namco Arts on April 1, 2018 doing the same business as the past two companies but being more related to each other as one entire company.[4]


Video Label[edit]

  • Bandai Visual - Movies for Children, Live Action films and dramas
  • Emotion - Anime/Special Effects

Music Label[edit]

  • Lantis - Main Label
  • Kiramune - Male Voice Actor Label
  • GloryHeaven - Label related to Sony Music Marketing

List of licensed anime[edit]


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