Bandera Falls, Texas

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Bandera Falls is an unincorporated community in Bandera County, Texas, United States. It is part of the San Antonio Metropolitan Statistical Area.

It is a residential subdivision located several miles (a dozen km) south of Bandera and about 3.5 miles (5.6 km) southwest of Pipe Creek. It lies along the left bank of the Medina River, just north of its outlet into Medina Lake, one of the largest bodies of water in south Texas.

The Bandera Independent School District serves area students. The closest school is Hill Country Elementary, about 2 mi (3 km) to the north in Pipe Creek. The population was estimated to be 90 in 2009.[1]


Bandera Falls started as residential community in 1966. By 1990, it was listed as a community, but without census figures.[2]

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