Bangladesh–Colombia relations

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Bangladesh–Colombia relations
Map indicating locations of Bangladesh and Colombia



Bangladesh–Colombia relations refers to the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Colombia. Colombia and Venezuela jointly recognized Bangladesh on May 2, 1972.[1] Both the countries are members of Non-Aligned Movement. Neither country has a resident ambassador.

High level visit[edit]

In 2011, Bangladesh Foreign Secretary Mohamed Mijarul Quayes paid an official visit to Bogota to explore ways to expand bilateral trade with Colombia.[2]

Areas of cooperation[edit]

Some common issues between the two countries like climate change adaptation, disaster management, vulnerable group protection etc. have been identified as areas for cooperation.[3][4][5] In 2009, Bangladesh President Zillur Rahman called for the transfer of technology between the two countries in the agriculture sector.[6]


Both the countries have expressed their interests in expanding the bilateral trade.[5][3] In 2009, Colombia proposed to sign a memorandum of understanding with Bangladesh to boost the bilateral trade and commerce.[7] Bangladeshi apparels, jute products, pharmaceuticals and handicrafts have been identified as potential products with huge demand in Colombia. The two countries have signed visa waiver agreement to ensure smooth travel of businessmen.[2]


Colombia has sent priests for the Roman Catholic community of Bangladesh.[8]


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