Bangladesh–Ireland relations

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Bangladesh–Ireland relations
Map indicating locations of Bangladesh and Ireland



Bangladesh–Ireland relations refer to the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Ireland.

Both Bangladesh and Ireland were part of the British Empire, but Bangladesh is a Commonwealth republic, whereas, Ireland became a republic outside the Commonwealth of Nations on 18 April 1949 under the terms of the Republic of Ireland Act 1948.

Economic cooperation[edit]

Bangladesh and Ireland have shown mutual interest to expand the bilateral economic activities between the two countries[1]and both the countries have recognized necessary measures to expand the existing trade and investment.[2] Many Irish firms have expressed their interests to invest in Bangladesh in the promising sectors.[1][2]

In 2009, an Irish trade delegation headed by former Irish Minister for investment and coordination Conor Lenihan visited Bangladesh to explore potential ways for increasing bilateral trade and investment. Ireland has shown interest to recruit skilled IT professionals from Bangladesh.[3]


There is small Bangladeshi migrant group in Ireland.[4] 99 Bangladeshis applied for asylum in Ireland in 2014 and 2015 the number rose to 231.[5] Some of the Bangladeshis are illegal immigrants.[6][7][8] Bangladesh-born Maksuda Akter won Ms. Ireland Beauty Pageant 2014.[9]

Diplomatic representation[edit]

Ireland and Bangladesh do not have resident Ambassadors in each other's countries. Ireland's Ambassador to India is also cross-accredited to Bangladesh as well. Bangladesh's High Commissioner to the United Kingdom is also cross-accredited as Bangladesh's Ambassador to Ireland.[10][11]


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