Bangladesh–Ivory Coast relations

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Bangladesh-Ivory Coast relations
Map indicating locations of Bangladesh and Ivory Coast


Ivory Coast

Bangladesh–Ivory Coast relations refer to the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Ivory Coast.

Quayes visit[edit]

Former foreign secretary of Bangladesh Mohamed Mijarul Quayes paid an official visit to Abidjan in 2010.[1]

Contributions of Bangladesh peace keepers[edit]

Bangladeshi peace keepers have been serving in Ivory Coast since 2004 as part of the United Nations Operation in Côte d'Ivoire and are the largest contributor to the mission.[2] Bangladeshi peace keepers provide security services and medical aid. In 2008 and 2013, the peace keepers were awarded the United Missions medal.[3][4] In 2010, Major General Abdul Hafiz from the Bangladesh Army was appointed the Force Commander of the UN mission in Ivory Coast.[5] The Bangladesh Air Force have also contributed troops to the mission and, as of 2014, have 104 personnel and three Bell-212 helicopters stationed in Ivory Coast.[6]

Agricultural cooperation[edit]

Ivory Coast has been identified as one of a number of West African countries that might provide opportunities for Bangladeshi businesses to lease unused cultivable lands as part of food security programs.[1] Ivory Coast businesses have also expressed an interest in implementing Bangladeshi agricultural technologies.[1][7]

Economic cooperation[edit]

Bangladeshi investors have expressed an interest in establishing fruit processing industries in Ivory Coast.[1] Bangladeshi medicines and ready made garments have been identified as products with significant demand in Ivory Coast.[7]


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