Bangladesh–Jordan relations

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Bangladesh-Jordan relations
Map indicating locations of Bangladesh and Jordan



Bangladesh–Jordan relations refer to the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Jordan.


United States diplomat Kissinger sent letters in 1971 to King Hussein, encouraging Jordan's participation in the Bangladesh Liberation War. President Nixon encouraged Jordan to send military supplies to Pakistan.[1]:61 With Nixon's permission, Jordan sent ten F-104 aircraft and was promised replacements from the United States. The United States also sent military supplies to West Pakistan and routed them through Jordan.[2] Six of Jordan's aircraft failed to return.[3]

Agricultural cooperation[edit]

In 2011, Bangladesh and Jordan signed a memorandum of understanding on agricultural cooperation. According to the MoU, the two countries "will exchange scientific materials and information and exchange visits of scientists and engineers in the areas of agricultural science and technology, field level extension, agricultural production and agro-processing." Under the MoU, Bangladesh and Jordan plan to form a joint working group consisting of experts from both countries to facilitate cooperation in the sector.[4]

Economic relations[edit]

Bangladesh and Jordan have expressed interest in expanding trade and investment. Jordan is one of the largest Bangladeshi labour export markets.[5] In 2011, Jordan lifted a ban on the importation of labour from Bangladesh but tightened the recruitment process soon after as a result of some cases of sexual exploitation of the female workers and labor strikes.[6] In 2012, Bangladesh and Jordan signed a memorandum of understanding in order to monitor migration, ensure the safety of migrants and reduce migration costs.[7] In the same year, Bangladesh and Jordan prepared a draft agreement to enhance cooperation on trade. According to the agreement, the two countries will grant "Most Favored Nation" status to each other and establish a joint trade committee.[8]

Bangladeshi labour in Jordan[edit]

As of 2011, there were about 30,000 Bangladeshis living in Jordan, with most working in service industries.[6]


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