Bangladesh–Philippines relations

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Bangladesh-Philippines relations
Map indicating locations of Bangladesh and Philippines



Bangladesh–Philippines relations refer to the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Philippines.[1]


The Philippines recognized Bangladesh in 24 February 1972, and establish diplomatic ties. It was one of the first countries to recognise Bangladesh after its Independence in 1971.[2] Bangladesh has a resident embassy in the Philippines and the Philippines has a resident ambassador in Bangladesh.[3][4] Bangladesh opened an embassy in the Philippines on 1981.[5]

Economic relations[edit]

Bangladesh imported goods worth US$78.22 million and imported goods from the Philippines worth 19.32 million 2013-2014 fiscal year.[6] Bangladesh is the third largest trading partner of the Philippines in South Asia.[7] On February 2016, US$81 million was stolen from Bangladesh Bank and was laundered through a bank in the Philippines.[8][9] The Philippines has repatriated 15 million dollar of the stolen money.[10]


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