Bangladesh–Rwanda relations

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Bangladesh-Rwanda relations
Map indicating locations of Bangladesh and Rwanda



Bangladesh–Rwanda relations refer to the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Rwanda. Both the countries are members of Non-Aligned Movement, Group of 77 and Commonwealth of Nations. Neither country has a resident ambassador.


In 1994 Bangladesh provided roughly 900 peace-keeping troops, including soldiers and medical personnel, to Rwanda to aid in keeping the peace during the Rwandan Genocide,[1] one of more than 40 countries to do so.

More recently, in 2012 there was a delegation sent from Bangladesh to Rwanda. At that time, Rwanda sought investment from Bangladeshi businessmen.[2]

Rwanda is situated in a strategic location in Central Africa which would ensure easier access for Bangladeshi businesses to Central Africa.[3]

Bangladeshi ready-made garments, ceramics and pharmaceutical products have been identified as having huge demand in Rwanda.[4]

Bangladesh's experiences in the areas of mechanized agriculture, food processing, textile, garments, ceramics and shipbuilding industries have also been sought to replicate them in Rwanda.[5]

In 2015, Rwanda expressed hopes to strengthen ties to Bangladesh, including exchanging "trade and investment, textile and jute industry development and exchange of experience, training, and capacity development in international peacekeeping."[6] In response, Bangladesh promised to arrange a visit to Rwanda in the first quarter of 2015 as part of an ongoing effort to strengthen ties between the two nations.[7]


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