Bank of Ireland £100 note

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One hundred pounds
(United Kingdom)
Security featuresRaised print, watermark, security thread, see-through window, microprinting, UV feature
Paper typeCotton
Years of printing2005–present (current design)
Design date2005
DesignQueen's University Belfast
Design date2005

The Bank of Ireland £100 note is a banknote of the pound sterling. It is the largest denomination of banknote issued by the Bank of Ireland.


The Bank of Ireland began issuing notes in 1783, the same year as the bank's founding. Early banknotes were denominations of the Irish Pound, but following that currency's abolition in 1826 banknotes produced by the Bank of Ireland were denominated in pounds sterling. These early banknotes were printed by the bank in Dublin, and featured a design with a row of Mercury heads across the top. This basic design remained effectively unchanged for 120 years.[1] Northern Irish banknotes are fully backed such that holders have the same level of protection as those holding genuine Bank of England notes.[2] The £100 note is currently the largest denomination of banknote issued by the Bank of Ireland.[3]

The £100 note of the Queen's University Belfast Series was first issued in 2005. This issue features a representation of Hibernia on the front, alongside shields of arms of the six counties of Northern Ireland. The back of this note displays an image of Queen's University Belfast. Although most of the Bank of Ireland's banknotes were replaced by the Bushmills Series in 2008, new £100 notes are still issued as the Queen's University Belfast Series.[3]


Note First issued Colour Size Design Additional information
Queen's University Belfast 2005 Red Front: Hibernia; Back: Queen's University Belfast

Information taken from Bank of Ireland website.[3]


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