Barbados Air Wing

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Barbados Defence Force Air Wing
Flag of Barbados.svg
The markings
TypeAir force
RoleAir defence
Aircraft flown
ReconnaissanceC-26 Metroliner

The Barbados Air Wing was formed in 1971 when it operated 1 Beech Queen Air. In 1981 a Cessna 402C was acquired. Since 1985 both the Beech Queen Air and the Cessna 402C have been retired. Barbados currently has 1 C-26 Metroliner[1][not in citation given] for the Regional Security System.

Retired aircraft
Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Beech Queen Air United States Patrol 1
Cessna 402 United States Transport Cessna 402C 1
Current aircraft
Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
C-26 Metroliner United States Patrol 1


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