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Barkerville Provincial Park is a former provincial park in British Columbia, Canada, protecting the museum town of Barkerville, capital of the Cariboo Gold Rush, and environs.[1] In 2006, the BC Ministry of the Environment transferred ownership of the 136-acre park to the Ministry of Tourism, Sport and the Arts for park purposes.[2]

The park was established in 12 January 1959, as Barkerville Historic Park by Order-in-Council with an area of 160.23 acres. This was increased in 1973 to 1130 acres. In 1998, Barkerville Historic Park was dissolved and two properties were created: Barkerville Park (Provincial Park) and Barkerville Historic Town (Provincial Heritage Property). Barkerville Park converted from Order In Canada to statute designation in 2000; the whole area consisted of roughly 136 acres. Barkerville Park was repealed in 2006.[3]

The park has three sites, Government Hill Site (7.4 acres), Lowhee Site (49.4 acres), and Forest Rose Site (79 acres), which all continue to be in operation by a private licensee.[4]

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