List of barons of Austria-Hungary

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This page lists baronial families in the territories of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, whether extant or extinct. They held no style, but were normally addressed as Gnädiger Herr (Gracious Lord), Gnädige Frau, or Gnädiges Fräulein (Gracious Lady). Please note that nobility as such was formally abolished in Austria in 1919.

The German forms of the titles are Freiherr (baron), Freifrau (baroness, wife of a baron) and Freiin (baroness, daughter of a baron).

Preposition[1] Original name Current name Notes
von Arnstein Arnstein
von Asztalos Asztalos
von Augustin Augustin
von Auspitz Auspitz
von Bach Bach
von Cornaro Cornaro
von Drasche-Wartinberg Drasche-Wartinberg
von Eskeles Eskeles
von Ferstl Ferstl
von Fraydenegg Fraydenegg
von Froelichstal Froelichstal
von Gagern
von Gomperz Gomperz
von Haas Haas
von Hess Hess
von Helfert Helfert
von Hofkirchen extinct since 1692
von In der Maur auf Strelburg und zu Freifeld Indermaur
von Isbury
Jäger von Waldau Waldau
Jörger von Tollet extinct since 1772
Kalchegger von Kalchberg
Kiss von Ittebe also Kiß von Ittebe
von Kubinzky Kubinzky
von Kuffner Kuffner
von Laudon Laudon
von Leitenberger Leitenberger
von Lieben Lieben
Mayr von Melnhof Mayr-Melnhof
von Menshengen Menshengen
de Neumann von Neumann
von Oppenheimer Oppenheimer
von Pace Pace von Friedensberg
von Pereira-Arnstein Pereira-Arnstein
von Prandau
von Riefel Riefel
von Ringhoffer Ringhoffer
von Rodich Rodić, von Rodich Gavrilo Rodić was an ethnic Serb Lieutenant field marshal of the Austro-Hungarian Army and Governor of the Kingdom of Dalmatia. He was conferred the title of Baron by the emperor and the family name was changed to von Rodich.
von Rόna Ronai Herman Weinberger was the chief Supply Officer of the Austro-Hungarian Army. In 1867, he was conferred the title of "Baron von Rona" by Emperor Franz Joseph. The Jewish last name (Weinberger) was later dropped, and Ronai (meaning "von Rόna") was adopted as the family name.
von Rothschild Rothschild this family had several branches; also used the preposition de
Schey this family may have had several branches (Schey; Schey von Koromla)
Schmelzer von Ehrenruef also Schmelzern von Widsmannsegg, or Schmelzern von Wildsmannsegg
von Sina Sina
zu Stübing Stübing
Thavonat-Thavon Thavonat-Thavon
von Todesco Todesco
von Wehrborn Wagner-Wehrborn
von Widmannsegg Schmeltzern von Wildemannsek the same as Wilmannsegg
von Wertheimstein Wertheimstein
^ Where this section is blank, it is possible that the preposition is unknown or did not exist.