Batman: Dark Moon Rising

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"Dark Moon Rising"
PublisherDC Comics
Publication dateJanuary 2006 – March 2007
Creative team
Writer(s)Matt Wagner

"Dark Moon Rising" is a two-part comic book series written by Matt Wagner about the superhero Batman. It contains two six-part miniseries entitled Batman and the Monster Men[1] and Batman and the Mad Monk.[2] The two series take place after the events of Batman: Year One and before Batman: The Man Who Laughs.

Batman and the Monster Men[edit]

Batman and the Monster Men has Batman have his first encounter with Professor Hugo Strange and his hulking Monster Men.[3] It also introduces Julie Madison, as well as her father Norman, to the Post-Crisis continuity and revealing that Sal Maroni was involved in the funding for Strange's project on Arkham Asylum's patients.

Characters involved[edit]

Continuity changes[edit]

  • Julie Madison is now a law student instead of an actress.
  • Norman Madison is introduced.
  • Sal Maroni is involved in the funding for Hugo Strange's project on Arkham Asylum's patients.

Batman and the Mad Monk[edit]

Batman and the Mad Monk has Batman battling the vampiric Monk.[4] Julie Madison and Norman Madison return.

Characters involved[edit]

  • Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Julie Madison
  • Norman Madison
  • Alfred Pennyworth
  • James Gordon
  • The Monk
  • Dala

Continuity changes[edit]

  • Dala is not a vampire like she was in the original story.
  • The Monk is now Niccolai, the vampiric leader of the cult known as the Brotherhood.
  • Julie joins the UN Peace Corps and goes to Africa after the death of her father instead of becoming the Grace Kelly analogue Princess Portia Storme, ruler of Moldacia.


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