Battle Creek (Owyhee River tributary)

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Battle Creek
Battle Creek Idaho.jpg
Battle Creek
Battle Creek (Owyhee River tributary) is located in Idaho
Battle Creek (Owyhee River tributary)
Location of the mouth of Battle Creek in Idaho
Battle Creek (Owyhee River tributary) is located in the United States
Battle Creek (Owyhee River tributary)
Battle Creek (Owyhee River tributary) (the United States)
CountryUnited States
CountyOwyhee County, Idaho
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationOwyhee County, Idaho
 ⁃ coordinates42°44′32″N 116°24′16″W / 42.74222°N 116.40444°W / 42.74222; -116.40444[1]
 ⁃ elevation6,704 ft (2,043 m)[2]
MouthOwyhee River
 ⁃ location
west of Riddle, Owyhee County, Idaho
 ⁃ coordinates
42°14′14″N 116°31′29″W / 42.23722°N 116.52472°W / 42.23722; -116.52472Coordinates: 42°14′14″N 116°31′29″W / 42.23722°N 116.52472°W / 42.23722; -116.52472[1]
 ⁃ elevation
4,636 ft (1,413 m)[1]
Length67 mi (108 km)[3]
DesignatedMarch 30, 2009

Battle Creek is a 67-mile (110 km) long[3] tributary of the Owyhee River. Beginning at an elevation of 6,704 feet (2,043 m)[2] in central Owyhee County, Idaho, it flows generally south through the Owyhee Desert to its mouth west of Riddle,[4] at an elevation of 4,636 feet (1,413 m).[1] In 2009, 23.4 miles (37.7 km) of the creek were designated as wild by the Omnibus Public Land Management Act, which also created the Owyhee River Wilderness.[5][6]

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