Battle of Al-Safra

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AL-Safra (The Yellow)
Part of the Ottoman–Wahhabi War
near Medina, western Arabia
Result Saudi victory, Ottomans moved back to Yanbu.
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire First Saudi State
Commanders and leaders
Ottoman Empire Tusun Pasha Saud al-Kabeer
10.000 10.000
Casualties and losses
2,000+ dead;
50 POW
600 dead

Al-Safra Battle, Tusun Pasha's forces with its artillery and equipment moved forward trying to recapture Medina and met with Saud Al-Kabeer forces in a Valley of Al-Safra (the yellow Valley). Saud's army started attacking the Egyptians with 200 cavalry and about 10,000 men and successfully defended Medina. After 3 days of fighting the Egyptians withdrew back to their bunker in Yanbu.