Battle of Chingleput

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Battle of Chingleput
Part of the Second Carnatic War
DateMarch 1752
Chingleput, Carnatic, present-day India
Result British-Arcot victory
British East India Company
Nawab of Arcot
Royal Standard of the King of France.svg French East India Company
Commanders and leaders
Robert Clive Unknown
200 European recruits
500 sepoys
40 Europeans
500 troops
View of Chingleput Fort in 1913

The Battle of Chingleput was a short siege in early 1752, during the Second Carnatic War. About 700 British East India Company recruits and sepoys under the command of Robert Clive captured the fortress of Chingleput, near Madras, defended by a French East India Company garrison of about 40 Europeans and 500 troops.


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