Battle of Kızıl Tepe

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Battle of Kizil-tepe
Part of the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878)
Battle Kizil-tepe.jpg
DateAugust 25[citation needed], 1877
near Kars
Result Ottoman victory
 Russian Empire  Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Arshak Ter-Gukasov Ahmed Muhtar Pasha
60,000[citation needed] 55,000[citation needed]
Casualties and losses
around 1500 killed and wounded[1]

430 killed,

1400 wounded[2]

The Battle of Kizil-tepe (Turkish: Kızıltepe Muharebresi) was fought on August 25, 1877, between the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire. The Russian were attempting to besiege Kars. The Ottomans, vastly superior in numbers,[3][4] successfully lifted the siege.


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Coordinates: 40°37′00″N 43°06′00″E / 40.6167°N 43.1000°E / 40.6167; 43.1000