Battle of Menina

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Battle of Menina
DateAugust 17, 1944
Result EDES victory
National Republican Greek League (EDES) Nazi Germany
Commanders and leaders
Lt. Colonel Vasileios Kamaras
Major Georgios Agoros
David Wallace (British)  
10th Division of EDES (400 engaged) Company of the 1st Mountain Division
Cham collaborationist militia
Casualties and losses
22 killed, 53 wounded 90 killed, 100 missing or taken prisoner

The Battle of Menina (Greek: Μάχη της Μενίνας) was conducted by the Greek resistance group EDES against the German garrison of the village Menina, Thesprotia, during the German occupation of Greece. They were successful and captured a large quantity of supplies.[1]


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