Battle of Ulaş

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Battle of Ulaş
Part of Great Turkish War
DateAugust 20–26, 1696
Result Ottoman victory[1][2][3]
 Holy Roman Empire Fictitious Ottoman flag 2.svg Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Holy Roman Empire Augustus II the Strong
Holy Roman Empire General Heissler [4]
Fictitious Ottoman flag 2.svg Mustafa II
Fictitious Ottoman flag 2.svg General Elmas Mehmed Pasha
38,000–50,000 men[5] 60,000 men[6]
Casualties and losses
3,000-6,000 men killed[5] 4,000 men killed[5]

The Battle of Ulaş (1696) (also Ólas, Olash, Olasch, Olaschin) or Battle at the Bega River was a battle near the Bega River between the army of the Ottoman Empire under command of Mustafa II and the forces of the Habsburg Empire under command of Augustus II the Strong.


The Habsburg army was besieging Temesvar, but when the Ottoman army crossed the Danube the siege was lifted and both armies met near the Bega River on August 26. During the battle, the left wing of the Imperial army took heavy casualties, in contrast to the centre and the right wing. Eventually the Ottomans emerged victorious.[1][2][3] The Imperial commander Heissler of Heitersheim was killed in the battle,[4] along with 3,000–6,000 Habsburg soldiers.[5] The Turks lost 4,000 men.[5]


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