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Beardmore Precision
Industrymanufacturing and engineering
SuccessorJames Cycle Co
HeadquartersBirmingham and Glasgow

Beardmore Precision Motorcycles was a British motorcycle manufacturer. The original Precision company was set up by Frank E.Baker in Birmingham, and quickly established a reputation for performance motorcycle engines, supplying Haden, and Sun Motorcycles.


Baker began to build complete motorcycles using frames supplied by Sun, who were based at the nearby Aston Brook Street factory. At the 1911 Olympia Motorcycle Show in London there were 96 motorcycles with Precision engines and by 1918 the company had over 800 employees. Tom Biggs was appointed as chief designer in 1913.[1] Frank Baker stopped motorcycle & engine production during the First World War.

In 1919 Baker's company was merged with William Beardmore and Company, a Scottish engineering and shipbuilding company based in Glasgow[2] and between 1921 and 1924 Beardmore produced motorcycles under the name "Beardmore Precision". The first motorcycle produced was a 350 cc two-stroke featuring leaf-spring suspension front and rear and was followed by a range of motorcycles from 250 cc to 600 cc.

Beardmore Precision 350 cc 1923

After 1924 Baker regained the rights and started his set up his own company to continue production with Villiers engines of between 147 and 342 cc in Alvechurch Road, Birmingham The company was eventually sold to the James Cycle Co in 1930.[3] Frank Baker became a James employee and they used his designs well into the 1930s.[2]


Model Year Notes
Beardmore Precision 350 cc 1921 Two-stroke
Beardmore Precision 250 cc 1924
Beardmore Precision 500 cc 1925 Unit construction engine with leaf sprung suspension and a fuel tank integral to the frame.

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