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A glass of Bofferding

Luxembourg has a long tradition of beer brewing, dating back to at least 1300.[1] Although there used to be more than 12 local breweries in Luxembourg in the early 1950s, this number has come down to only three big breweries remaining in the early 2010s.[2] The three big breweries still active today are: Brasserie Nationale, producing Bofferding and Battin, Brasserie de Luxembourg (owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev), producing Diekirch and Mousel, and Brasserie Simon, producing Simon and Ourdaller (and Okult).

Although there has been a resurgence of several minor breweries in Luxembourg during the early 2000s (mostly local microbreweries producing craft beer), the largest brewery still remains Brasserie Nationale whose brands Bofferding and Battin together make up for 58% of Luxembourg's beer consumption as of 2013.[3] The main beer in Luxembourg is lager, drunk in over 95% of the cases.[citation needed]


The first beer brewery in Luxembourg was probably established around 1300 by monks in Neumünster Abbey, in the Grund district in Luxembourg City.[4]


Breweries and brands[edit]

Some beer brands sold in Luxembourg in 2017

The 3 big breweries :


Defunct breweries and brands[edit]


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