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Beit Hall

Beit Hall, otherwise known as the Beit Quadrangle, is one of Imperial College London's oldest and most historic buildings. Beit Hall is named after Alfred Beit, it is located on Prince Consort Road, next to the Royal Albert Hall and the Natural History Museum in London. It is a Grade II listed building.

Beit Hall was built in 1910 on architect Aston Webb's designs to accommodate Imperial College students. Two floors were added in the late 1950s and the building was entirely refurbished in 2001. It accommodates 300 students[1].

During term-time, Beit Hall functions as an Imperial College Halls of Residence[2] and union. During the remaining 14 weeks Beit is an international conference centre and hotel.[3] The building is able to accommodate 300 guests in three star standard rooms.[4]

Beit offers its residents numerous opportunities to immerse in extracurricular student life. In addition to weekly community events such as Sunday Breakfasts and Movie Nights, Beit participates in a number of inter-hall sports leagues (e.g. football).


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