Belgrade anti-gay riot

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Belgrade anti-gay riot
Flickr - boellstiftung - Ausschreitungen in Serbien gegen die Gay Pride.jpg
Clashes between Žandarmerija (Serbian Gendarmerie) and anti-gay rioters
Date10 October 2010
Caused byAttempt to hold Pride parade
MethodsRioting, assault, arson
Parties to the civil conflict

Anti-gay pride and anti-government protesters

Vlada Srbije logo.png Government of Serbia

Government parties:

Gay pride protesters

Opposition parties: Ldp logo.gif Liberal Democratic Party

  • Other opposition parties or organizations



The Belgrade anti-gay riot was an incident of violence against LGBT people that occurred on 10 October 2010 during a pride parade, organized to promote LGBT rights in Serbia. The gay pride parade has been the first in Belgrade since 2001;[1] a planned parade in 2009 was cancelled due to the threat of violence.[1]

Anti-gay and anti-government protesters fought with about 5,000 armed police,[2] throwing Molotov cocktails, bricks, stones, glass bottles and firecrackers;[3] the police used tear gas and rubber bullets.[1] There were no fatalities.[1]


Clashes between Žandarmerija (Serbian Gendarmerie) and anti-gay rioters

Police said that 78 police officers and 17 civilians had been injured,[3] and 101 people had been detained for violent behaviour.[3] The garage of the building of the ruling pro-European Democratic Party was set ablaze, and state TV building and the headquarters of other political parties were also damaged.[4] The parade was viewed as a test for the government of Serbia, which has stated it will protect human rights in Serbia as it seeks to become an EU member.[4] Jelko Kacin, presiding over the European Union's evaluation of Serbia, said that Serbia's failure to stop the riot could damage its bid to join the EU.[5] During a visit to Belgrade two days after the riot, US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, praised the Serbian government for protecting the human rights of the parade participants.[5][6]

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