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Ben & Izzy
Benandizzy logo.svg
The series' original logo
Also known asبن وعصام
GenreAnimation, Adventure, Children's historical edutainment
Written byJymn Magon
Directed byGlenn Chaika
Voices ofEnglish version:
Annie Mumolo
Kath Soucie
Lucy Liu
Clancy Brown
Mark Hamill
Brian Cummings
Country of originJordan
Original language(s)English (and later officially dubbed into Arabic)
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13
Executive producer(s)David Pritchard
Randa Ayoubi
Production company(s)Rubicon Group Holding
Original networkArabic
Cartoon Network Arabic
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Ben & Izzy (Arabic: بِنْ وعصام‎) is a Jordanian three-dimensional, computer animated children's television series. It was produced by Jordan's rising educational and CGI animation company Rubicon. This series follows the adventures and developing friendship of two pre-teenaged boys known as Ben and Izzy, who are from the United States and Jordan respectively, as well as a desert genie known as Yasmine, who takes the form of a young girl closely resembling the age of the boys.

Despite the fact the series was produced in Jordan, it was primarily released in English for international purposes before its official Arabic dub in 2008. The series was created primarily to entertain, but it was also created as an educative experience about certain aspects of Arab history, and how it affected Western culture, which is also the forming of the bond between the Western Ben and the Eastern/Arab Izzy. This in turn represents a comprehensible and possible union of Western and Eastern/Arab cultures, in spite of the current prejudice views of each culture in the other. There are currently 13 episodes created, although 26 were originally planned.


The three of them soon realize that with their respective talents combined, they become the dream team, preserving history and saving the world!

Episode guide[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Ben, Izzy and Yasmine get to know each other and explore many countries in the Middle East, looking for precious artifacts that were lost in time. Thanks to her genie powers, Yasmine whisks the boys to different times and lands to beat Clutchford Wells, whose sole interest is to sell the artifacts with no regard to how it would alter world history.


# Name
1 Innocents Abroad and Trouble Afoot
2 Treasure Obscura
3 In harmony's way
4 A flight of fancy, a fancy of flight
5 Sailing, Sailing
6 Stars in their Eyes
9 Rug of War
10 Check, mate
11 Easy as ABC
12 What's up Doctor?
13 The Pearl of Life


Designed by Yazan Khalifeh:

  • Ben: an 11-year-old American sports fan
  • Izzy: an 11-year-old Arab Jordanian boy who loves technology
  • Yasmine: a young genie with amazing powers
  • Prof. Jake Martin: Ben's grandfather and feisty archeologist
  • Prof. Omar Aziz: Izzy's spry grandfather, a scholar and a wiry man
  • Clutchford Wells: a greedy millionaire seeking nothing but material gain
  • Roxanne: Wells's mute assistant





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