Ben Sorensen's Real Country

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Ben Sorensen's Real Country
Hosted byBen Sorensen
GenreCountry Music
ProductionHelmes Media Solutions (Joel Helmes)
No. of episodes200
Original release2008 – present

Ben Sorensen's Real Country is a syndicated Australian country music radio show and podcast.[1] The weekly, hour-long show is hosted by Ben Sorensen. The radio programme was originally broadcast by 4GY based in Gympie, Queensland and from 2011 it has been syndicated to over 100 radio stations across Australia;[1][2][3] along with a number in New Zealand, the United States, and United Kingdom. In January 2014 it was broadcast from the Tamworth Country Music Festival for a fortnight.[1]

Sorensen also broadcast Ben Sorensen's Druids Garden.[4]

Ben Sorensen's REAL Country is distributed to radio stations by syndication and is also available as a podcast.


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