Berau Malays

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Berau people
Berau Malays / Berau Benua
Total population
Regions with significant populations
 Indonesia (East Kalimantan):12,000[1]
Berau Malay, Banjar, Indonesian
Related ethnic groups
Malay, Dayak, Kutai, Banjar, Bugis

The Berau people, also known as Berau Malays or Berau Benua is a sub-ethnic group of Malays that lives in Berau, in the north of East Kalimantan province, Indonesia.[2] The Berau culture began with the former Berau Sultanate, an Islamic kingdom established in Kalimantan in the 14th century to the early 1700s.[3] They speak Berau language or Berau Malay, which is a variant of Malay.

Folk songs[edit]

  • Kabbar Di Rantau[4]
  • Mun Rangat Akhirnya[5]


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