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Θάλαττα, θάλατταThalatta! Thalatta! (The Sea! The Sea!) — painting by Bernard Granville Baker, 1901

Bernard Granville Baker (23 October 1870 – 12 March 1957) (known as B. Granville Baker) was a British soldier and painter specialising in military subjects. He wrote and illustrated a number of books.

Life and work[edit]

Baker was born in Pune in India. He was the son of Montagu Bernard Baker, who worked for the British East India Company, and his wife Harriet Fanny Bangh.[1]

He was educated at Winchester College and the Military Academy at Dresden. He served in the 21st Hussar regiment[clarification needed] in India and Burma. He then joined the 9th Royal Prussian[clarification needed] Hussar regiment to fight in the Boer Wars in South Africa in 1900. In the First World War, he became a Lieutenant-Colonel and commanded a battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment.[1] He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order medal in 1918.[2]

Baker is known for his illustrations and watercolour paintings of military subjects, such as "Sir John Moore at Corunna, January 16th 1809" in the 1920s.[1] He exhibited his paintings at the Liverpool Walker Art Gallery and London Salon between 1914 and 1930, as well as in his home town of Beccles.[2]

He wrote and illustrated a number of books. From a Terrace in Prague has the dedication "This book is dedicated to a wise and gentle lady who looks out upon life from a terrace",[3] while A Winter Holiday in Portugal has "This book is dedicated to a lady, fair and gracious who lives in Lisbon".[4]

He was a Justice of the Peace for Suffolk. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and of the Royal Historical Society.[2]

Baker died in Beccles in 1957.[1]


  • The Walls of Constantinople (2 volumes, 1910)
  • The Danube with Pen and Pencil (1911)
  • A Winter Holiday in Portugal (1912) (with C. Gasquoine Hartley)[4]
  • The Passing of the Turkish Empire in Europe (1913)
  • The German Army from within (1914) (with Thomas Burke)
  • Hutchinson's History of the Nations (1915, including The Sea! The Sea!)
  • Types of the Allied Armies (1914–1918) (with "Oilette")
  • Soldiers of the World (1914–1918) (with "Oilette")
  • From a Terrace in Prague (1923)[3]
  • Waveney. Illustrated (1924)
  • Blithe Waters: Sheaves out of Suffolk (1931)
  • Old Cavalry Stations (1934)


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