Beverly Hills Bordello

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Beverly Hills Bordello
Country of origin United States
Original language(s)English
No. of episodes27
Running time30 min.
Original release1996 –

Beverly Hills Bordello was a softcore series aired on premium cable. It was an anthology series that centered on the fictional Winston Spa located in Beverly Hills. The spa was a bordello run by Madam Veronica Winston.

The only recurring character was Veronica Winston who was played by Nicole Gian, Monique Parent and Gabriella Hall during the various seasons the show ran.

Episode list[edit]

  1. "Reunion"
  2. "Inspiration"
  3. "Wish List"
  4. "All Night Long"
  5. "The Lieutenant"
  6. "The Assignment"
  7. "The Boyfriend"
  8. "Better Than the Couch"
  9. "Drawing the Line"
  10. "Teach Me"
  11. "Forbidden Fruit"
  12. "Silence is Golden"
  13. "Use Your Imagination"
  14. "Adultery—Cyber Style"
  15. "Bachelor Party"
  16. "Taboo"
  17. "Exchange Program"
  18. "Girlfriends"
  19. "In the Clinches"
  20. "Janet and the Professor"
  21. "Love Lessons"
  22. "Performance"
  23. "Research"
  24. "Role Play"
  25. "Divine Inspiration"
  26. "The Witness"
  27. "Things Your Wife Won't Do"


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