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This Bibliography of Harry S. Truman is a selective list of scholarly works about Harry S. Truman, the thirty-third President of the United States (1945–1953).

Reference and historiography[edit]

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External video
Organization of American Historians panel on Truman biographies: "The participants discussed three recent biographies of President Truman by McCullough, Hamby and Ferrell. Four historians reviewed the books and two of the biographers responded to these critiques. They also discussed the larger issues associated with biography of leading historical figures. Ferrell's book is titled, Harry S. Truman: A Life, Hamby's is Man of the People: A Life of Harry S. Truman and McCullough's is Truman.", C-SPAN
External video
Booknotes interview with David McCullough on Truman, July 19, 1992, C-SPAN[1]
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Foreign policy[edit]

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Politics and domestic issues[edit]

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