Bicyclus safitza

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Bicyclus safitza
Wet BB Beach Road 13 05 2010.JPG
Wet-season form, f. injusta
Scientific classification
B. safitza
Binomial name
Bicyclus safitza
(Westwood, [1850])
  • Mycalesis safitza Westwood, [1850]
  • Papilio delila Fabricius, 1793
  • Mycalesis eusirus Hopffer, 1855
  • Mycalesis evenus Hopffer, 1855
  • Mycalesis injusta Wallengren, 1857
  • Mycalesis caffra Wallengren, 1857
  • Mycalesis safitza ab. semicoeca Strand, 1910
  • Mycalesis aethiops f. velutina Ungemach, 1932

Bicyclus safitza, the common bush brown or common savanna bush brown, is a butterfly of the family Nymphalidae. It is found in all of Africa south of the Sahara. Its preferred habitat is forests and other well-wooded habitats.[1]

The wingspan is 40–45 mm for males and 43–48 mm for females. Adults are on wing year round.[2]

The larvae feed on various grasses, including Ehrharta erecta.[3]

Subspecies and forms[edit]

  • B. s. safitza – south of Sahara except Ethiopia
wet-season form, f. safitza – south to Mpumalanga, South Africa
wet-season form, f. injusta – South African east coast regions
dry-season form, f. evenus – widespread
  • B. s. aethiops (Rothschild & Jordan, 1905) – Ethiopia
Dry-season form, f. evenus, lacking clear ocelli on the hindwing


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