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The Big Brother Awards (the Winston Awards) for the United Kingdom


A single Big Brother award was won by New Labour.[1]

2008 Winston Awards[1]




The 2003 awards went to:[2]

  • Ken Livingstone—Worst Civil Servant
  • Capita—Most invasive company
  • PIU Data Sharing Report—Most appalling project
  • Association of Chief Police Officers(ACPO)—Most heinous government organisation.
  • Tony Blair—Lifetime menace
  • David Blunkett—"Dog Poo On A Stick" prize
2003 Winston Awards[2]


The 2002 awards went to:[5]

2002 Winston Awards[5]


The 2000 awards were made on 4 December and went to:[6]

  • The National DNA Database—Most Invasive Proposal
  • Envision Licensing Ltd—Most Invasive Company (for TV licensing)
  • Javier Solana—Security-General of Council of European Union
  • The NHS Executive—Most Heinous Government Organisation
  • Jack Straw—Lifetime Menace
2000 Winston Awards[6]


1998 (first year)[edit]

The 1998 awards went to:[7]

  • Corporation: Procurement Services International for selling surveillance equipment to Nigeria, Turkey and Indonesia, three countries whose human rights records have been severely criticised.
  • Local government: Newham Council in London won for using its 140 street cameras and facial-recognition software to try to pick out criminals in crowds.
  • National government: Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) over its plans for the police to have access through a third party to the keys to any information sent electronically that was locked by encryption.
  • Product: Software by Harlequin that examines telephone records and is able to compare numbers dialled in order to group users into 'friendship networks' won this category. It avoids the legal requirements needed for phone tapping.
  • Lifetime achievement award: Menwith Hill in Yorkshire, a listening station used by America's National Security Agency and described as the biggest US spy station in the world, won this special award.
1998 Winston Awards[8]

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