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The Big Four[1], Gang of Four[2], GAFA[3], Big Five[4] or GAFAM[5] are names used to describe four or five multinational online service or computer and software companies that dominate cyberspace during the 2010s: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and optionally Microsoft. The term Gang of Four was coined by Eric Schmidt in 2008,[2] Phil Simon, and Scott Galloway as describing the companies "behind the consumer revolution on the Internet" and "avoid[ing] taxes, invad[ing] privacy, and destroy[ing] jobs".[6]


Schmidt, Simon, and Galloway define the term "Big Four" to mean the main companies that drive major societal change via their dominance and role in online activities, rather than just being the largest computer-related companies. They consider large companies such as IBM to be driving less change than the Big Four.[1][7]

Legislative actions against GAFAM[edit]

On 9 May 2019, the Parliament of France passed a law intended to force GAFAM to pay for related rights (the reuse of substantial amounts of text, photos or videos), to the publishers and news agencies of the original materials. The law is aimed at implementing Article 15 of the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market of the European Union.[5]

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