Bill Brane

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Bill Brane
Publication information
PublisherDC Comics
First appearanceShowcase Vol 1 #73, (April, 1968)
Created bySteve Ditko (writer & artist) & Don Segall
In-story information
Alter egoBill Brane
  • Expert bodyguard

Bill Brane is a fictional character, that appears in comic books published by DC Comics as a supporting character of the Creeper. The character was created by writer and artist Steve Ditko.

Publication history[edit]

Bill Brane was created by Steve Ditko. His first appearance is shared with Creeper in Showcase #73. He was created by writer and artist Steve Ditko & Don Segall in April, 1968.[1]

Character biography[edit]

Bill Brane was a chief of security and protection who hired Jack Ryder (The Creeper) after he saw he was fired from his TV Show for outspoken opinions; after Ryder was fired for standing by his principles live on TV. An act that Bill admired, he decided to hire Jack as one of his Bodyguard's or hire. Jack's first assignment was protecting scientist Dr. Yatz by, capturing a crook named Angel Deviln. It was this assignment that turned Jack into the superhero' the Creeper. After that, that Mr. Brane had Jack Ryder guard TV weather girl Vera Sweet and son on. This was not an assignment that Jack took seriously since he didn't like her. Jack would often abandon Ms. Sweet to become the Creeper and fight crime in secret. Despite this, Jack was able to keep his job by getting other assignments done. Like capturing Proteus whom impersonated both the Creeper and Bill Brane.....[2][3][4][5][6][7]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Bill Brane has no special powers but he is a professional bodyguard and chief of his own security company.


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