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Bin Picking (also referred to as Random Bin Picking[1], even sometimes referred to as "The Holy Grail in Sight"[2]) is a core problem in Computer vision and Robotics. The goal is to have a robot with sensors and cameras attached to it pick-up known objects with random poses out of a bin using a suction gripper, parallel gripper, or other kind of Robot end effector. The company Amazon is known to hold a competition focused on Bin Picking referred to as "Amazon Picking Challenge".[3] Some notable companies actively working on Bin Picking include: Solomon 3D [4],VISIO NERF [5], Scape Technologies, FANUC, Motoman, Photoneo, CapSen Robotics, Mujin, Bluewrist Inc., Pick-it[6].

Although there can be some overlap, Bin Picking is not to be confused with Each Picking[7][8] or Bin packing problem.


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