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Bohunician culture
Bohunician is located in Europe
Bohunician culture
Bohunician culture
Map showing the approximate location of the Bohunician culture
Geographical rangeEurope
PeriodUpper Paleolithic
Datesc. 48,000 BP
Preceded byEmiran
Followed byAhmarian, Levantine Aurignacian, Châtelperronian
The Paleolithic
Pliocene (before Homo)

Bohunician industry was a paleolithic archeological industry in South-Central and East Europe. The earliest artifacts assigned to this culture are dated using radiocarbon dating at 48,000 BP. Which may make the earliest presence of modern humans in Europe predating Aurignacian. Bohunician assemblages are considered similar to Emiran and Ahmarian ones and Bohunician culture may be linked to them.[1][2][3]


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