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Bonaparte Provincial Park is an 11,811 hectare provincial park in British Columbia, Canada.[1] It is located within the Bonaparte Plateau.[2]


The park was established April 30, 1996 under the Kamloops Land and Resource Management Plan (LRMP) through the Environment and Land Use Act.

First nations use of the land is not well known. More recently it had been used as a ranchland by settlers and for fly in tourism. Prior to the development of the park a moratoria had been placed on timber harvesting in the area in 1974.


The park has many small hills formed by lava flow. This has led to the over 50 small interconnected lakes located within the park.

Points of Interest
Lakes Lava Cones (elevation)
  • Bare Lake - contains a wilderness lodge[3]
  • Dagger Lake
  • Grant Lake group
  • Hiahkwah-Shelley Lake chain
  • Hoopatakwa Lake
  • Moose-Dumbell Lake chain
  • Stadia Lake
  • Willowgrouse lake


The park is located 55 kilometers northwest of Kamloops. Motorized vehicle access is most easily obtained via Jamieson Creek Road.

Park Boundaries[edit]

The Southern boundary of the park is formed by the Hiakwah-Shelley Lake chain. To the east are tree farm license lands. To the north and west are Provincial Forest lands.


The park contains sub-alpine forest, small lakes and wetlands at high elevation. There are no known threatened species within the park. Cattle grazing is permitted within the park.

Plants and Animals of Note
Plants Birds Mammals Fish
Subalpine fir

Montane spruce

Engelmann spruce

Lodgepole pine

Fairyslipper orchids

Sandhill crane


Great horned owl


Ruffed grouse

Spruce grouse

Barrows goldeneye



Timber wolf

Mule deer


Black bear


Rainbow trout (wild and stocked)

Pike minnow


There is no access within the park to motorized vehicles though snowmobile use is permitted in the southern portion. The park can also be accessed by floatplane and there are fly in fishing lodges. Horses are also permitted. All camping and hiking in the park is in the backcountry without any regular service or parks patrol. Seasonal hunting is permitted.

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Coordinates: 51°09′N 120°30′W / 51.150°N 120.500°W / 51.150; -120.500