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Alexander Hamilton
Life and Legacy
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Alexander Hamilton[edit]

A Life[edit]

Alexander Hamilton
Charlestown, Nevis
King's College
New York Provincial Company of Artillery
Washington's aides-de-camp
Battle of Harlem Heights
Battle of White Plains
Battle of Trenton
Battle of Princeton
Battle of Brandywine
Battle of Germantown
Battle of Monmouth
Siege of Yorktown
Annapolis Convention
Constitutional Convention
Signing of the United States Constitution
Federalist Era
Presidency of George Washington
Compromise of 1790
Panic of 1792
Whiskey Rebellion
Hamilton–Reynolds affair
Burr–Hamilton duel
Trinity Church Cemetery
Hamilton family
Schuyler family
Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton (wife)
Philip Hamilton (son)
Angelica Hamilton (daughter)
Alexander Hamilton Jr. (son)
James Alexander Hamilton (son)
John Church Hamilton (son)
William S. Hamilton (son)
Eliza Hamilton Holly (daughter)
Philip Hamilton II (son)
Johann Michael Lavien and Peter Lavien (former stepfather and half brother)
Philip Schuyler (father-in-law)
Catherine Van Rensselaer (mother-in-law)
Allan McLane Hamilton (grandson)
Alexander Hamilton Jr. (grandson)
Louis McLane Hamilton (grandson)
Alexander Hamilton (grandson)
Schuyler Hamilton (grandson)
Alexander Hamilton (great-grandson)
Louisa Lee Schuyler (great-granddaughter)
Robert Ray Hamilton (great-grandson)
Pierpont M. Hamilton (great-great-grandson)
Alexander Morgan Hamilton (great-great-grandson)
Helen Morgan Hamilton (great-great-granddaughter)
Philip Jeremiah Schuyler (brother-in-law)
Stephen Van Rensselaer (brother-in-law)
Angelica Schuyler Church (sister-in-law)
Peggy Schuyler (sister-in-law)
John Barker Church (brother-in-law)
James Cochran (brother-in-law)
Founding Fathers of the United States
United States Secretary of the Treasury
Commanding General of the United States Army
African Free School
Bank of North America
Coinage Act of 1792
Congress of the Confederation
Federalist Party
First Bank of the United States
Funding Act of 1790
George Washington's Farewell Address
Hamiltonian economic program
Jay Treaty
New York Post
Residence Act
Rutgers v. Waddington
Tariff of 1790
Tariff of 1792
The Bank of New York
The Federalist Papers
United States Coast Guard
United States Customs Service
United States Mint
American Philosophical Society
New York Manumission Society
Society of the Cincinnati
Edward Stevens
George Washington
Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette
Hercules Mulligan
James McHenry
John Laurens
Nathaniel Pendleton
Robert Troup
Tench Tilghman
William Bayard Jr.
William Livingston
Aaron Burr
Democratic-Republican Party
James Madison
James Monroe
John Adams
John Jay
Maria Reynolds
Thomas Jefferson
A Full Vindication of the Measures of Congress
First Report on the Public Credit
Report on Manufactures
Report on a National Bank
Report on a Plan for the Further Support of Public Credit
Second Report on Public Credit
The Farmer Refuted
Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton
Federalist No. 1
Federalist No. 6
Federalist No. 7
Federalist No. 8
Federalist No. 9
Federalist No. 11
Federalist No. 12
Federalist No. 13
Federalist No. 15
Federalist No. 16
Federalist No. 17
Federalist No. 21
Federalist No. 22
Federalist No. 23
Federalist No. 24
Federalist No. 25
Federalist No. 26
Federalist No. 27
Federalist No. 28
Federalist No. 29
Federalist No. 30
Federalist No. 31
Federalist No. 32
Federalist No. 33
Federalist No. 34
Federalist No. 35
Federalist No. 36
Federalist No. 59
Federalist No. 60
Federalist No. 61
Federalist No. 65
Federalist No. 66
Federalist No. 67
Federalist No. 68
Federalist No. 69
Federalist No. 70
Federalist No. 71
Federalist No. 72
Federalist No. 73
Federalist No. 74
Federalist No. 75
Federalist No. 76
Federalist No. 77
Federalist No. 78
Federalist No. 79
Federalist No. 80
Federalist No. 81
Federalist No. 82
Federalist No. 83
Federalist No. 84
Federalist No. 85
A More Perfect Union (film)
Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
Alexander Hamilton (Ceracchi)
Alexander Hamilton (Conrads)
Alexander Hamilton (Fraser)
Alexander Hamilton (Partridge)
Alexander Hamilton (Trumbull)
Alexander Hamilton (film)
Alexander Hamilton Bridge
Alexander Hamilton High School (Los Angeles)
Alexander Hamilton House
Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House
American Enlightenment
American School (economics)
American System (economic plan)
Burr (novel)
Debt Assumption
Fort Hamilton
George Washington (miniseries)
George Washington II: The Forging of a Nation
Hamilton: An American Musical
Hamilton (play)
Hamilton College
Hamilton Grange National Memorial
Hamilton Hall (Columbia University)
Hamilton Hall (Salem, Massachusetts)
Hamilton Heights, Manhattan
Hamilton, Ohio
John Adams (miniseries)
Liberty Hall (New Jersey)
Liberty! The American Revolution
Liberty's Kids
Lin-Manuel Miranda
Nevis Historical and Conservation Society
North American Confederacy (series)
Ron Chernow
Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States
Society for Establishing Useful Manufactures
The Adams Chronicles
The Crossing (2000 film)
The Howards of Virginia
The Patriots (play)
Turn: Washington's Spies
USS Alexander Hamilton
Ten-dollar bill