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The Complete Guide
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The Complete Guide[edit]

List of seas
Arctic Ocean
Amundsen Gulf
Barents Sea
Beaufort Sea
Bering Strait
Chukchi Sea
East Siberian Sea
Fram Strait
Gulf of Boothia
Kara Sea
Kara Strait
Laptev Sea
Lincoln Sea
Pechora Sea
Prince Gustav Adolf Sea
Wandel Sea
White Sea
Arctic and Atlantic Ocean
Greenland Sea
Atlantic Ocean
Adriatic Sea
Aegean Sea
Alboran Sea
Archipelago Sea
Argentine Sea
Baffin Bay
Balearic Sea
Baltic Sea
Bay of Biscay
Bay of Campeche
Bay of Fundy
Black Sea
Bothnian Bay
Bothnian Sea
Caribbean Sea
Celtic Sea
Chesapeake Bay
Davis Strait
Denmark Strait
English Channel
Foxe Basin
Gulf of Bothnia
Gulf of Cádiz
Gulf of Finland
Gulf of Guinea
Gulf of Lion
Gulf of Maine
Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of Riga
Gulf of Saint Lawrence
Gulf of Sidra
Gulf of Venezuela
Hudson Bay
Ionian Sea
Irish Sea
Irminger Sea
James Bay
Labrador Sea
Levantine Sea
Libyan Sea
Ligurian Sea
Mediterranean Sea
Myrtoan Sea
North Sea
Norwegian Sea
Sargasso Sea
Sea of Åland
Sea of Azov
Sea of Crete
Sea of the Hebrides
Sea of Marmara
Sea of Sardinia
Strait of Sicily
Thracian Sea
Tyrrhenian Sea
Wadden Sea
Indian Ocean
Andaman Sea
Arabian Sea
Bay of Bengal
Gulf of Aden
Gulf of Aqaba
Gulf of Khambhat
Gulf of Kutch
Gulf of Oman
Gulf of Suez
Laccadive Sea
Mozambique Channel
Persian Gulf
Red Sea
Strait of Malacca
Timor Sea
Pacific Ocean
Arafura Sea
Bali Sea
Banda Sea
Bering Sea
Bismarck Sea
Bohai Sea
Bohol Sea
Camotes Sea
Celebes Sea
Ceram Sea
Chilean Sea
Coral Sea
East China Sea
Flores Sea
Gulf of Alaska
Gulf of California
Gulf of Carpentaria
Gulf of Fonseca
Gulf of Thailand
Gulf of Tonkin
Halmahera Sea
Java Sea
Koro Sea
Makassar Strait
Mar de Grau
Molucca Sea
Moro Gulf
Philippine Sea
Salish Sea
Savu Sea
Sea of Chiloé
Sea of Japan
Sea of Okhotsk
Seto Inland Sea
Sibuyan Sea
Solomon Sea
South China Sea
Sulu Sea
Tasman Sea
Visayan Sea
Yellow Sea
Southern Ocean
Amundsen Sea
Bass Strait
Bellingshausen Sea
Cooperation Sea
Cosmonauts Sea
D'Urville Sea
Davis Sea
Drake Passage
Great Australian Bight
Gulf St Vincent
King Haakon VII Sea
Lazarev Sea
Mawson Sea
Riiser-Larsen Sea
Ross Sea
Scotia Sea
Somov Sea
Spencer Gulf
Weddell Sea
Landlocked seas
Aral Sea
Caspian Sea
Dead Sea
Salton Sea
Arctic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Indian Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Southern Ocean
Endorheic basin