Borders of the Philippines

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Territorial map claimed by the Philippines

As an archipelago, the Philippines shares no land borders with any country, although the country claims a land border with Malaysia as a consequence of its territorial claims in Eastern portion of the Malaysian state of Sabah.

The maritime borders of the country are complicated by the South China Sea dispute and lack of delimitation agreements with Palau.

Maritime borders[edit]

The following are countries shares maritime borders with the Philippines.

Country Notes
 China The Philippines shares a maritime border with China in the South China Sea although the extent of the border is disputed by the two countries.[1]
 Palau The exact boundaries of Palau and the Philippines is remained to be defined by delimitation talks. A final agreement has not been made regarding the issue.[3] The two countries share a maritime border with Palau situated southeast of the Philippines.[4]
 Taiwan (Republic of China)


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