Bosnian Smoked Cheese (Suhi Sir)

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Vlašić cheese
Bosnian Smoked Cheese (Suhi Sir) (cropped).jpg
Bosnian Smoked Cheese (Suhi Sir). All ingredients, processing, and smoking done in Bosnia (Tuzla Kanton) in 2015.
Other namesSuhi dimljeni sir
Country of originBosnia and Herzegovina
RegionCentral to north-eastern Bosnia
TownVareš, Olovo, Tuzla
Source of milkSheep's, goat's, cow's and mixtures
Texturedark-skin, white, hard
Fat contentlow
Dimensionssmall, round
Aging time- days

Bosnian Smoked Cheese (also known as Serbo-Croatian: Suhi sir or Dimljeni sir) is a type of very dry piquant low-fat smoked cheese originating from Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is usually home-made product, but industrial production also exists.


Northern Bosnia and Herzegovina has a rich agricultural history. Farmers in the region became skilled in the techniques of smoking and salting as methods of meat preservation prior to the introduction of commercial refrigeration, and used these methods to develop local meat dishes such as suho meso. Smoking was also adopted in the production of dairy products, including cheese. Similar smoked cheeses are also found in other countries in the Balkans, including Croatia[1] and Serbia.

Popularity and consumption[edit]

Bosnian smoked cheese is usually consumed as a supplement to the main and side dishes, or as a substitute for other cheese variations.[2]

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