Bouvier des Ardennes

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Bouvier des Ardennes
Bouvier des Ardennes.JPG
A full grown Bouvier Des Ardennes
Weight Male 28–35 kg (62–77 lb)
Female 22–28 kg (49–62 lb)
Height Male 55–63 cm (22–25 in)
Female 51–57 cm (20–22 in)
Coat Dense and weatherproof
Colour All colours except white
Classification / standards
FCI Group 1 Herding dogs, Section 2 Cattle Dogs #171 standard
UKC Herding standard
NotesThis breed is also accepted by ARBA
Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

Bouvier des Ardennes is a rare dog breed from Belgium.[1] Originating in the Ardennes region these dogs were used to herd cattle. The loss of farms in the area led to serious decline in the numbers of these dogs until 1985 when some breeders found a few dogs and used the original breed standard as their guide in re-introducing the dog.[1]


In the past, all the dogs that worked with cattle were called Bouvier (bovine herder). Each region throughout the area had its own type. From ancient rough-coated stock, these dogs were prized guardians and drovers. As the motorized age arrived, the need for driving cattle to the market was gone and so was the call that helped with the drives.

The Bouviers were almost eliminated after the bloody fighting of World War I. Many of the rarer types were lost altogether. The breeds that are a memory include: Bouvier de Roulers, Bouvier de Moerman, and Bouvier de Paret. Still remaining are the Bouvier de Ardennes and Bouvier des Flandres.


The Bouvier De Ardennes can come in any colour except white.[1] It is usually found in brindled or peppered variety. It has medium length, coarse, wiry hair, with a "beard" and "eyebrows". This dog can be naturally short tails and long tails (both allowed, the ideal of natural short), high ears and a keen eye[2]


The Ardennes Cattle Dog has an ideal height for males of 55 to 63 centimetres (22 to 25 inches), and 51 to 57 centimetres (20 to 22 inches) for females. The ideal weight is 28 to 35 kilograms (62 to 77 pounds) for males with females being 22–28 kilograms (49–62 pounds).[1]


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