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Britned map.svg
Location of BritNed
CountryUnited Kingdom, Netherlands
Coordinates51°26′24″N 0°43′0″E / 51.44000°N 0.71667°E / 51.44000; 0.71667 (HVDC Britned - Grain Static Inverter Plant)
51°57′27″N 4°01′17″E / 51.95750°N 4.02139°E / 51.95750; 4.02139 (HVDC Britned - Maasvlakte Static Inverter Plant)
General directionnorth–south, west–south
FromIsle of Grain, Kent
Passes throughNorth Sea
ToMaasvlakte, Rotterdam
Ownership information
PartnersNational Grid plc (United Kingdom)
TenneT (Netherlands)
Construction information
Manufacturer of conductor/cableABB
Cable layerGlobal Marine Systems
Manufacturer of substationsSiemens
Installer of substationsBAM Nuttall
Construction started2009
Technical information
Typesubmarine cable
Type of currentHVDC
Total length260 km (160 mi)
Power rating1,000 MW
DC voltage450 kV
No. of poles2

BritNed is a 1,000 MW high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) submarine power cable between the Isle of Grain in Kent, the United Kingdom; and Maasvlakte in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The BritNed interconnector would serve as a link for the foreseeable European super grid project.


  Existing links
  Under construction
See also the List of HVDC project in Europe, which would eventually be part of European Supergrid

The project was announced in May 2007.[1] The installation of the first section of cable link started on 11 September 2009,[2] The entire 260 km (160 mi) cable was completed in October 2010.[3] It began operation on 1 April 2011,[4][5] and as of January 2012, electricity flow has mostly been from the Netherlands to the UK.[6]

Technical description[edit]

The 260-kilometre (160 mi) long bi-pole 450 kV interconnector consists of two HVDC cables, which are bundled together. The capacity of the cable is 1000 MW. The interconnector has two converter stations for connecting the link with the British and Dutch high-voltage electricity transmission systems.[7] The cable was produced by ABB and laid by Global Marine Systems, while the BAM Nuttall/Siemens consortium was responsible for the construction and equipping of the converter stations.[7][8] BritNed was completed on time and within the budget of €600 million.[5]


The respective transmission system operators of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands - National Grid plc and TenneT; formed a joint venture to fund and operate the interconnection, independently from National Grid and TenneT's regulated businesses.[9]


Site Coordinates
Grain Static Inverter Plant 51°26′24″N 0°43′0″E / 51.44000°N 0.71667°E / 51.44000; 0.71667 (HVDC Britned - Grain Static Inverter Plant)
Maasvlakte Static Inverter Plant 51°57′27″N 4°01′17″E / 51.95750°N 4.02139°E / 51.95750; 4.02139 (HVDC Britned - Maasvlakte Static Inverter Plant)

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